Thursday, October 8, 2009

Update on Addie

Wow!! I can't believe that I have gone a whole month without updating anything. So much has happened in that amount of time also. It's just that if I have a free minute, I am trying to catch up on cleaning and laundry and all that good stuff. I can say that I have gotten good at doing things one handed.

Adalyn has been such an amazing joy to have in our home. She is such a happy baby. She is growing way to fast. Her latest stats are at her 2 month appointment she weighed 12lbs 8 ozs which is the 95th percentile. She was 24 inches long which is the 90th percentile. She has now been sleeping through the night for 11 days. She goes to sleep about 10:00 and wakes up to eat around 5. Than goes back to sleep until about 8.

We had her baby blessing the first Sunday in September. It was really nice. We had lots of family come and support us.

I also wanted to share something I have found that I want to recommend to all moms of newborns. They are called Kiddopotamus.

They are awesome. I have bought three of them. They help keep her swaddled and she can't wriggle her arms out. They also help keep her asleep longer. They have velcro on the blanket so they stay nice and snug. We use them every night before she gets put in bed. She has also almost outgrown her Moses basket. So, I guess we will be putting her in her crib in the next few weeks. That really makes me sad because I would really like her to stay little longer..

She has also found her voice. Aubrey sings to her and she will start singing back. Maybe she will be a singer like Aubrey. I have it on video and will post in another time. She is so happy in the morning. She just grins from ear to ear.
But, she hates her car seat. Man does she ever. This makes it hard to go anywhere. If it is longer than 20 minutes, she starts just wailing. Plus, she will not take a pacifier. So, we are homebound lots of the time.

But, life is good! I feel very blessed.