Thursday, February 4, 2010

Going to England

Aubrey is going to Worcestershire England for 6 months to be a Nanny. She applied about a month ago and found a few families that were really interested in having her as a nanny. She really got a great feeling about this one couple in England. So, she will be leaving at the beginning of May to start a new adventure.
I have such mixed emotions about it. I am excited for her. This is a great opportunity for her to travel and meet new people. But, she is leaving. My baby is leaving. I know that this was going to happen eventually but, I was hoping for awhile down the road.
She is so excited, she can hardly stand it. We are in the process of getting her passport and plane ticket together. We have already checked on churches close by. There are three near where she is living. I am so glad for that.
I just wish that my kids would not grow up so fast. I am not ready for this..