Saturday, December 27, 2008

So happy Together

Today Jonathan and I are celebrating 17 years together. As I type it, I can hardly believe it myself. We started out so young together but have grown so much over these many years. I love being his wife and am so thankful for a husband that loves his family, his Savior Jesus Christ and respects and honors his priesthood. He is very passionate about the things he believes to be true. He is not a fence sitter. Here is to us and another 17 years together....

Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's all about family

Christmas day is winding down. It has been a very fulfilling day. For me, it has been amazing because I had my husband, children, mom and some of my sisters here. I truly love my family so much. They are what bring me my greatest joy. It has taken me until today to feel the Christmas spirit. Usually I make lots of goodies and take them to neighbors. I always do a Christmas card and send it to friends and family. I did not do any of it this year. I guess I attribute it to losing my Dad. I am not really sure why it has taken the Christmas spirit out of things for me. I would think it would do the exact opposite. But, today as we were sitting down to eat the most amazing meal I was filled with such an overwhelming love for my family, especially the ones that are no longer with us.
I got a great gift this week in the mail. My step mom sent me my dads very favorite shirt in the mail.

I have atleast 4 pictures of him wearing this same shirt. I was very glad to get it. She was very thoughtful in sending it to me. So, Merry Christmas to you all. I hope you had a very peaceful Christmas..

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Good Reasons

So, I have a good reason why I have not posted for so long. Well, I have many reasons... The first is my lack of motivation for anything due to the lack of the sun and warm weather. I am always cold so do not leave my fire place for very long except to make some Hot Cocoa. In fact, as I am typing this now, I have my coat on. Mr. Winter is not my friend. I know lots of people are excited for the snow.. I know I have already harped about this before. But, had to keep you updated on why I have not blogged in awhile..

Oh! and the other reason, well.....

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Friday, December 5, 2008

14 and counting

Devin turns 14 on Sunday. He is so excited that he can barely stand it. I remember very well the day he was born. There was a terrible storm that hit Utah County. We were living in Springville and had to drive to American Fork. I really thought we were going to crash on the way there. 
He was born early on December 7th, Pearl Harbor day as so many people reminded me. He has been such a joy to have as a son. 
I remember when he was about 3, he got a basketball hoop for his birthday. He spent hours upon hours just shooting hoops. He was so tired but would not stop. If the ball rolled further than his grasp he would just cry until someone picked it up for him. 
When he started kindergarten we bought him his first watch. It bothered him so much that not all the clocks were on the same time. He would set his watch to the one at home and than the one at school would be different by 1 or 2 minutes. He just didn't understand why they all couldn't be the exact same time. It bothered him enough that he stopped wearing the watch. 
He is precise in the things he does. He is a serious boy and a deep thinker. 
This year we have put him in a school that has really helped him find the love for learning again. He will come home and share with me the things he has learned. It is really great to see his love of learning rekindled. He is a boy that takes his priesthood responsibilities seriously. I am very thankful for that.. I am truly blessed to be given the stewardship of raising him.

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Best Find

I found this a few months ago and meant to blog about it but forgot. But, now with Christmas upon us, I just have to share. Have you ever heard of Pandora? It is internet radio. The coolest thing about it is you make your own radio stations. You select an artist or a song that you like, type it in and they will find artists that are similar or songs with that same type of beat. I like it for the Christmas season because I just typed in the word Christmas and it comes up with all the best Christmas songs... So, if you want to find good tunes go to You will have to sign up for an account but other than that it is free and I love it!