Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Party Fun!!

On Saturday night, we went to my cousin Amy's house and had a fun Halloween party. I am not one who usually dresses up. In fact, this is probably as Halloween as I get..... a cowgirl.... but, Jonathan has finally gone back to his original roots.. He felt so at home in this get up. I think he had a hard time going back to a shirt and tie for work.
We all had a great time with family.

Jonathan the Cholo and Melanie the cowgirl

Summer and I look a like and think a like too!!

Jonathan and L have a stare down

Amy makes a cute Little Bo Peep

Thursday, October 25, 2007

cravings and conversation

So, I have been craving the Pork salad from cafe rio lately. I mean I really have forgotten what it is like to be pregnant. Because this is not just yummm!!! that sounds so good right now.. It is I want one RIGHT NOW!!!!! So, no matter what I am doing I will make the 20 minute drive to cafe rio, which really is alright because when I call ahead that is how long it usually takes to get it ready. So, I took my third trip this week to Cafe Rio earlier today. Haylee is getting the routine down well. But, since we have about an hour in the car together, we have some interesting conversations... They go something like this

"mom, there is the temple... Why do we get married in the temple?"

" So we can be together forever."

" If you and dad are going to be together forever shouldn't you get along and want to be together? "

or something like this "mom when is this baby going to come out?"

"Well, it will come in June, close to Aubrey's birthday."

" When I get married forever, I want to have lots of kids.."

"Really, how many do you want to have?"

" I want to have a million."

"WOW! that is alot of kids."

" really?, well than maybe I will just have 7."

I love her so much... She is such my sweet little girl and my intellectual conversation for the day. It is times like this that I think " Ya!! We get to do this again.." Oh! and I do love my husband very much and really want to be together forever. But, leave it to a child to let me know that I must do better......

Monday, October 22, 2007

Really, another one?

So, I guess the best way to announce this is in a blog, right? Well, the Bond family will once again be growing... I am pregnant and due June 8th. I am feeling very mixed emotionally about this... I am happy and apprehensive too. Haylee will be 5 and a half when this baby comes into the world. I have given all my baby stuff away. I will be starting over again. On the other hand, it will be such a great joy to have a little one in this home again.. But, I don't feel pregnant yet. So, it is not quite real. I will let you know when it becomes more real to me.