Monday, March 25, 2013

Small miracles

Having a new baby comes with an adjustment period and having Andrew has been no exception. Andrew was about a month old. I was having a particularly hard day, trying to adjust to little sleep and still knowing I needed to take care of the rest of my family. Jonathan was working late and I was trying to cook dinner and hold Andrew at the same time. About this time my front door opens and it is my mom and my step dad. She comes in, sees my predicament and takes my baby from me so that I could finish cooking dinner and get some laundry done. She sat and loved on him for a good hour.

Now, the small miracle in this isn't so much the act of thoughtfulness on my mom's part, it was an answer to my sadness that I had been feeling. My mom hasn't been able to be present mentally and physically in our lives for awhile since her Dementia has gotten worse. She has good days but lately more bad days than good. For the most part, all my siblings have accepted this and have helped where we can. But, I had been having a longing to just have my mom present for just a bit. I needed help and was feeling sad knowing that she is not someone that I can access for help. So, for her to just show up out of the blue with no warning was literally a miracle. This just doesn't happen.

As I folded laundry upstairs, I said a prayer of gratitude for a small miracle that I needed at that moment. I am grateful to a Heavenly Father who is aware of my needs even if I don't ask for help. I am also grateful that my mom came that evening. I know I am not going to be getting very many more days and evenings like I had with her that night.