Saturday, February 28, 2009

Catch up post

So not to many exciting things have been happening around here lately. This is a good thing considering my last post..

But, I was able to go to my first doctors appointment and heard the babies heartbeat. It was a beautiful 160 beats per minute. I  find it sort of comical that I am considered a high risk pregnancy because I am 35 years old.. I really did not feel old until they told me that. This means that I got to take an early glucose test to make sure I don't have gestational diabetes and I will have to take it again at 20 weeks. I also had to give about 5 viles of blood for all these other tests and my vein collapsed in the middle of it. That has never happened to me before. So, it left me with a big ugly bruise.
I stopped refereeing a few weeks early because it was just to hard for this old, pregnant body. I dreaded going so instead I chose to quit early. That was a big relief for me. Hopefully next year will be better.
And the best news of all is that I am starting to feel back to normal. I have more energy and I am not feeling so sick. Ya! for that.  I did find out that some of the reason that I was so exhausted all the time is that I have become Lactose Intolerant. Go figure... That is sort of a hard one for me because I love milk and cheese. I hope things will return to normal after the pregnancy.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A bit of a scare.

Over the last month or so Jonathan has been having some weird things happening to his heart. It will start to tighten and sort of spasm but than goes away fairly quickly. We have been keeping an eye on it and knew that we wanted to get him to the doctor for it but we haven't. 

Well today on the way home from teaching his class, it started to hurt and tighten, like someone was squeezing his heart. I was in the passenger seat and saw him turn pale. He than started to sweat all the while driving and grabbing his chest. Okay, I was scared....very scared. 
He drove himself to the ER. He went in and I parked the car. So they hurried him back to his room. They started running all kinds of tests, just one thing after another.  They were putting  medication under his tongue, hooking him up to an EKG machine, taking blood, taking x-rays, putting an IV in him. They took it very seriously. 
In the end they found that it was not his heart but the muscles around his heart that were spasming and tightening.   They gave him some muscle relaxants and said it was probably brought on by stress but they were not sure. 
So, I am very glad that his heart is fine. It was scary but that news is much better than my 35 year old husband is having a heart attack. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

35 isn't that old

I remember when I was young thinking that 35 was OLD. Well, it is amazing how perspective has changed. Yesterday was my birthday. It was a nice quiet day. My sister Amber came and got me for lunch. We went and ate sushi and had a great time talking and being with one another. I love her company. She is so thoughtful. She also put a slideshow together for me on her blog. That evening Jonathan and the kids took me to my favorite restaurant Thai Ruby. I love this place. Everything tasted so good to me, which is good considering these days very little tastes good to me.

Yesterday was also the first day of my second trimester.. HALLELUJAH! I am hoping that my appetite and my energy level return soon. I go to my first Doctor's appointment today. I am excited to hear the baby's heartbeat and make sure everything is okay. 
Thanks to all of you who sent birthday wishes my way. I have the best family and friends ever!!