Sunday, May 24, 2009

My decision

With much studying and reading I have decided to have this baby naturally using the Bradley method. I have been devouring books on this method and natural childbirth and the benefits that come from this. This will be my first go at this. All my other babies were born using an epidural. I got to tell you that I am nervous but really believe that if I practice and use the principles that are taught I can do it. Now, I just need to coach Jonathan on his responsibilities and hope he can do it also. With an epidural he just had to sit back and wait until they said it was time. Heck, thats all I had to do too.
This will sure be more work for the both of us. I can do this! That is what I must keep telling myself... Positive thinking, right?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mothers Day

I have so many different things to post about lately but finding the time to do it is the tricky part. But, I have got to talk about Mothers Day or the day before Mothers Day. Some of my sisters took my mom out to lunch on Saturday, the day before. It was really nice spending the day together. While I was gone Jonathan and the kids spent a lengthy amount of time preparing my Mothers Day gift.
We have had this bit of weedy ground in our front yard filled with wood chips, weeds and dried up dead plants. I have wanted to plant something beautiful there and have talked about it but have not done anything. So, they decided to clean it up and plant a flower garden for me. He took the kids to a local nursery and they all picked out different kinds of flowers to plant. They all pitched in cleaning out the spot. I was told it took about 2 hours just to do that.
I wish we could have gotten a before and after shot so you could see all the work that went into it. But, I absolutely LOVE it!!! It
was by far the best gift I could have gotten, one that can last all Summer..

Here are some of the different kinds of flowers that were planted... I love them.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Art Royalty

The Springville Museum of Art holds an Art ball every year. It is a big tradition in Springville that has been going on for the past 75 years or more. This is one of their big events that raises money for the museum. It includes a nice dinner, dancing and a program. Everyone dresses up in their fanciest attire to come to it. They also have Art royalty that is announced the night of the program.

This year Aubrey decided to try out for it. She made it down to the twelve finalists. These 12 finalists than have to perform a talent and are interviewed by 8 different judges. I was able to watch her perform in front of the judges today but the interview part was completely closed. They are also asked to submit a paper answering a half dozen questions.

here she is after the talent competition waiting for her interview.

We have to wait until May 16th to find out if she has made Queen or an attendant.. Whatever happens, she did amazing today. She had some very tough competition as their are some crazy talented young women in the area.

Here is her performance. I was so nervous for her so I think I was shaking as bad as she was. Also there is something wrong with my camera because the pictures and video are just a bit blurry. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it..