Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer's baby

Summer had her baby! I am so excited to see my baby sister become a Mom. It was such a great experience being able to be there with her and help her through one of the most important events in her life. She was scheduled to be induced but didn't have to be. Her water broke that morning at 5am. She had her epidural in by 6:30. From 6:30 until about 3, it was just a waiting game. We watched movies and read. I think her husband Jesse was getting a bit of cabin fever. It took her awhile to dilate to a 4 but, she went from a 4 to a 10 in a matter of 2 hours.
She started pushing at 3:00. But, Bryton decided to take her own sweet time. Summer did so amazing. She pushed for 3 hours. Jesse was a great coach. Bryton was born just a little before 6:00. She came out just a screaming.. She did not stop until she heard her daddy's voice. He started talking to her and she automatically stopped crying and just stared at him. He held her hand and just talked to her. It was such a sweet moment.

She weighed in at 7.7 lbs and 21 inches long..

She is so beautiful. It really makes me so anxious to meet my own little girl..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I love my job

My mother in law came up on Friday and took my three youngest kids down to New Mexico for the week. This is something that she does every summer. Aubrey used to go down too but I think she has out grown it. So, it is Jonathan, Aubrey and me. Having them gone really helps me to appreciate how much I really love my job as mom. I feel almost lost without them.
I was at the bank yesterday. Every time we go to the bank Haylee has to get a sucker but it has to be a blue one because that is her favorite color. So, it felt strange not to grab her a blue sucker. Aubrey and I were at Walmart and I was getting cereal. Jerin and Haylee are the ones that pick out the cereal. I just wasn't sure what to get. These are just little things that remind me of how much I love my kids and my job..
How blessed I feel to have the children I do. I love being a mom.