Friday, September 26, 2008

Private and Home Schooling

The first month of our change in schooling has now past. This is the first time that all 4 of my children have not been in public schools. Although, Aubrey does go part time to Springville high school for a seminary class and an Art class.
Aubrey and Devin absolutely love Glen J. Kimber academy. I was very excited to put them in it but not so excited about the 30 minute drive to get them there. It has been well worth the time driving to see them so excited about learning. Devin absolutely hated school before. He dreaded going everyday. Now, he LOVES it. They share with me everyday what they are learning. They are learning things that I do not remember learning about. They are able to pray and sing hymns and have scripture study in school. I wanted more than anything for my childrens teachings to be centered around the teachings of Jesus Christ. This was the biggest reason why I chose to pull them out and try and find something different for them. I love it... Plus, they are taught by the most amazing teacher, a man that has taught for more than 30 years, Dr. Glen Kimber.

Jerin and Haylee are both doing home school. Although, Jerin's program is a bit different from Haylee's. I talked with a woman that has been homeschooling for awhile and she suggested that I start Jerin in a new program for homeschooling kids. It is actually like a COOP program, meaning that 13 kids get together and have classes together. The ages range from 9 to 12 and the kids learn at their own pace, which works well for Jerin because he learns very fast and can now move on when he is ready rather than waiting.

Haylee loves that I am her teacher. My neighbor also homeschools her daughter who is Haylee's age so they are able to do Math together. I do reading, writing and spelling. The lessons go very fast. She also does a Friday program with other homeschoolers at a school in Salem. She is taking Dance, Spanish, Piano, Music and story time. Jerin is also doing the Friday program.

All in all it has been great. I was very nervous to take this step but I am glad that I did. I am busier than I have ever been. It has taken some getting used to but I know that change really can be a good thing.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My daughter the driver

Tomorrow is the last day of Drivers ed. for Aubrey. I am very glad only for the reason that I would get up with her at 5:45 so that I could have her out the door and to drivers ed. by 6:00. Now for some reason the idea of her driving by herself really scares me. We have been driving together for sometime now. She drives home everyday from Lehi on the freeway and does a fairly good job. It does make me nervous though. I find myself clenching onto the passenger door getting ready to grab the wheel at any time. I have to remind myself to relax and that she will do a better job if I show confidence in her abilities.
Early on in her first experiences of driving, she had an accident. Luckily, it was just in our garage and in only wrecked some of the shelving and my front bumper. It scared me and scared her. It was a very cliche moment. She pulled into the garage nice and slow, did a great job and went to put on the brake, got confused and stepped on the gas. This was the result..
I am glad it did not scare her away from driving. But, when she pulls into the driveway I am always a bit nervous. So, I know that practice makes perfect. But, I still feel my heart racing every time she gets behind the wheel.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Morning

I am a big believer in that everything happens for a reason. It doesn't mean that I always know the reason at that moment or even in that year but I think that I can choose for all my experiences to be something I can learn from.

 Now saying that, I have for the better part of a year really tried hard to learn from Haylee. What can I do to help her make different choices?
Haylee is her own person. She likes things done her way. She has been this way since about the age of two. This morning Haylee wanted to wear an outfit to church that was not clean. She dressed herself and was ready to go at 9:00. Church does not start until 1:00. So, I told her she could not wear the outfit she had on because it was dirty. We have this discussion quite frequently because she has about 5 outfits that she LOVES to wear and that is all she will wear. Forget about the rest of the wardrobe that hangs in her closet. So, I made a rule that if it has not gone through the wash than she can not wear it until it does. Her laundry day is on Tuesdays. So, Wednesday is usually a good day because she has so much to choose from. Anyway, that started the Sunday meltdown. She could not wear the outfit that she LOVES and that she chose. So, I start making suggestions on different things that she could wear. I am trying oh so hard to be patient and not yell and when she cries, I just send her to her room until she is finished. We went through 4 outfits. By this time it is about noon. She finally settled on one that she liked. Now for the next hurdle, her hair. Most of the time I am relaxed about this. She prefers her hair to be brushed and on occasion a barrette. Sometimes she will surprise me and ask for a pony tail. But, it has to be a low ponytail. If she can see it in a mirror, it is to high. Today we decided on 2 ponytails... On Sunday she sometimes will let me do her hair. So, I put the 2 ponytails in making sure to keep them low. Well, she decides she wants a barrette now instead. I do not have time for this. We will be late for church. So, I left the ponytails in and put a barrette in also. All the while, she is crying saying her hair is to puffy and she doesn't like how she looks. So what to do? We ended up going to church with her hair in 2 ponytails, a barrette and as we were walking out the door she adds a headband to it to help with the puffiness.

Now, this is my fourth child. You would think I could figure it out by now. I think what I have figured out is that we are all individuals. That force and coercion is not what the Lord intended and I still have lots to learn about being a parent. 

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Constitution Day

Yesterday was Constitution Day.. I think lots of people don't really care to much about that day. In fact, as I was typing this my son said " what is Constitution Day?" Well, atleast I was one of those people. I truly know very little about the Constitution or the Declaration of Independance. But, I have committed to change those things. I really have wanted to learn more about it. I know it is more than just a historical document. But, I wasn't sure where to go to learn more about it and how it affects me today..

Well, we have been introduced to a lecture series called "The Healing of America." It was written by Cleon Skousen and is being presented by Glen J. Kimber. For those of you who do not know, Cleon Skousen is a well known author who has written many books on America and the state of it. Dr. Kimber is his son in law. I am very excited for this series to start. If you want more information about it, you can go to

I know that I want to become proactive on learning more about these things and here is a great way for me to do it..

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Welcome to the neighborhood.

So, we have now been in our new home for one week. Well, tonight we were all sitting in the kitchen. Off of my kitchen, we have a deck which overlooks a park. We heard a loud crash. It sounded like my deck was coming off of the house. I ran out on the deck not realizing that the screen has been pulled shut and knocked it off the tracks. The deck seemed fine but, it was just getting dark and I could see what looked like a headlight in the grass at the park about 40 yards away from me. Jonathan yells "call 911" and sprints out the front door. I called 911 but did not have much information to give them. I could tell it was a motorcycle in the grass and it looked like there was a man laying in the road. That is what I told her but she wanted more information. I made my way over to the man and he looked bad. He had no helmet on and Jonathan was trying to ask him questions but he spoke very little English. (these are times when I really wish I spoke more spanish.) He was bleeding from the head and that is what I told the dispatch. Four policeman showed up right away but it seemed like forever before the ambulance came.

On further inspection we could see that he skidded off the road onto our lawn and hit a power box. His motorcycle flew forward about 50 feet but he flew another 40 feet. It was nuts. Anyway, the ambulance came and luckily one of our neighbors spoke fluent spanish and was able to speak with him and find out if he had an allergies or had been drinking. It was quite an experience.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We have moved

This is our new home. We have spent the better part of a week getting moved in. We are not quite out yet. We still have all those little odds and ends, the things you are not quite sure what to do with. But, we are so glad to be getting settled. My house is still in a bit of chaos trying to get things organized. I hate chaos. I have worked very diligently on getting it together and do not feel so overwhelmed by it.  My backyard backs into a huge park and directly north of me is Evergreen cemetery. It's a great neighborhood and my kids already have lots of friends because it is back in our old ward. So, lets have a party!!